Instant p2p Funds Transfer

It's peer-to-peer. Control your money and send it anywhere without an intermediary.

Secure Digital Payments

  • Payments Authorization

    Authorize Payments with a secure PIN code that never leaves your mobile device .

  • Advanced Security

    Backup Seed Functionality. With the seed you can always recover your account. The seed is stored on your phone only and AES encrypted with a password.

  • Transaction Signature

    Every Transaction is signed locally and transmitted to a blockchain node without revealing wallet seed or private key.

QR Code

Request Funds via QR code or sharing app link
Can aslo serve as a blockchain powered point-of sales device.

  • Create Currency
  • Issue Equities
  • Issue Bonds
  • Distribute Tickets
  • Track Provenance

e|cash is a wallet built for mobile devices that allows anyone to send and receive digital assets or tokens (fiat currencies, remittances, stocks, bonds, gift vouchers, tickets, air miles, coupons and anything of value) straight from your smartphone on the blockchain.Using the blockchain, e|cash solves the problem of account provisioning. With fast wallet access, users have an immediate blockchain account on their smartphone. e|cash converts cash into electronic Naira, anchoring the value to the price of the Nigerian Naira.

Get Started

There is an official mobile client for the Android Operating System
Mobile App can be downloaded on the Google Playstore.